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Digitize, Automate, & Secure Your Documents

Improving Patient Care & Protection

IS Docs technology is used within the medical industry to access, manipulate, edit and display a wide variety of medical records.

Aiding in HIPAA compliance, our products can be used to centrally archive sensitive medical records and then control access, viewing and editing to authorized personnel.
A wide variety of records are handled including scanned documents, faxes, diagnostic images, medical admission forms, and identification papers.

Documents are thereby safely and securely stored and yet available as necessary. Our products permit operation across diverse platforms including Windows and Web servers, and secure but convenient access is made possible. Let IS Docs professionals assist you with the development of your organization’s medical and healthcare document conversion and image viewing applications.

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  • Image Storage and Retrieval
  • Development Tools
  • Imaging Solutions
  • Batch Conversion
  • Image Viewers

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